Cooking Classes


Cooking Classes

Instead of trying to find a cooking class to meet your goals and ending up with too many cooks in the kitchen — literally — consider having Culinary Creations design a cooking class for you and your family or friends to be held in the comfort of your own home. We will help you design a menu to focus on the dishes that intrigue you most.

You can prepare a meal from our menu selections or we can work together to customize a menu for you to learn to prepare and enjoy. And best of all, you and the other ‘students’ get to enjoy the fruits of your labor between each course!

Cooking class organizers have the option of choosing three items from the following list for their group to prepare:

• Soups
• Salads
• hors d’oeuvres
• Entrees
• Night on the Grill
• Fish
• Beef
• Pork
• Shell Fish (shrimp & grits)
• Garnishes
• Pastries
• Desserts
• Pates
• Casseroles
• Wine Dinners
• Stocks
• Sauces
• Starches
• Vegetables
• Pastas

Please call us at 910.538.2433 with any questions or to discuss plans for your class.


divider_testimonial“The coordination — and the smoothness in which it all went — could not have been any better. Everyone was so complementary of the excellent food and service.”

— Art and Doris